Who We Are

Finca Sagrada gathers an international team composed of Walter Moora and Susan Davis Moora (from the United States), owners of the farm.
Their Ecuadorian partners, Cristian Hartman Ojeda, José Calva and Carmen Chamba Solano come from the Palta indigenous tribe. With volunteers coming from all over the world, it creates a diverse and multicultural environment.
Since January 2023 Sonja Kloss from Germany is supporting us in administration and organization. She is traveler through South America and a representative of the Eagle and Condor vibe.

Walter Moora © Mllepix


Walter Moora is a life-long Biodynamic farmer, author and spiritual healer of the land, who has farmed biodynamically on four continents for more than forty years.
Part of his passion has been to honor and work with the unseen beings that make the natural world possible.


Susan Davis Moora is the innovator of KINS Innovation Networks, who helps people manifest their life missions collaboratively with others.


Cristian joined the farm in 2003. He was born in Tumianuma near Vilcabamba.
Cristian has created many innovations on the farm, including the Inca herbal garden, the food forest, and he was invaluable in building our Spirit House.

José Calva © Mllepix


José Calva joined the farm in April of 2018. He comes from the indigenous identity named Palta, the indigenous of this area.
Carmen Chamba Solano, his wife, works with him at the farm.
José has a long experience in agriculture, organic farming and permaculture.

Sonja Kloss

Sonja Kloss is a seeker for real connection (to nature) and (inner) peace. She has always felt a great emptiness in the “normal western world”. That’s why she quit her job as a federal officer in Germany and has been traveling through South America since March 2021. To find indigenous and inner wisdom – and to share it. Through holistic project management, events and Yoga classes.