Volunteer Program

Come and learn about biodynamic farming

We receive volunteers all year long, for a minimum of three weeks. We are looking for “conscious” individuals who love to farm and garden. We welcome up to six volunteers at a time, who should have the stamina to do physical work and who speak English and/or Spanish (or at least that are willing to learn).

Volunteers help with all aspects of running the farm and work will include gardening, pasture management and animal care such as milking and making cheese. During the day we share the main community house, we all help prepare the meals and enjoy community together.

There is one session per week with Walter, covering various aspects of biodynamic farming, without cost.


We ask 5 hours/day and five days per week, and willingness to fill in with whatever tasks are needed. Food (3 meals a day) and accommodation are provided. The volunteers are asked to pay a basic amount to compensate all the costs for food, gas and other expenses.

Wifi is available at the community center.

The weekends are free to go to Vilcabamba or visit any other place in the region. The volunteers can also stay at the farm, from where they can go and climb our mountain that has breathtaking views, and enjoy a bath in one of our two rivers.

For more information, please check our Workaway page.

Or directly contact Walter Moora at waltermoora@gmail.com