Help Preserve Finca Sagrada

Support Walter and Susan Davis Moora, owners of Finca Sagrada, who are lovingly transitioning their privately owned 277+ hectare property to a member-owned cooperative stewardship model. 

Up until now, Walter and Susan have supported the projects highlighted below with their retirement income and savings.  This has been their gift to the world, and they have received much joy from their contributions. Now, they are seeking financial support to help them upgrade the facilities on Finca Sagrada for the next generation.

Your donations will support:

  • Building five new dorm rooms with bathroom facilities to accommodate more retreats, workshops and classes
  • Hiring a biodynamic farmer/teacher so Walter can retire 
  • Hiring a retreat center manager for six months while the center becomes operational. 

Finca Sagrada’s Mission Statement:

“Finca Sagrada exemplifies a farm-based, multicultural learning center where people can reconnect to self, community and nature through heartfelt thinking.”

Overview of Finca Sagrada’s Accomplishments to Date

  • Volunteer program – Finca Sagrada has hosted an annual program for 10 years. Volunteers stay for 4 weeks to help on the farm, and Walter and Susan create a space for them to reconnect to self, community and the Earth. This has been a life changing experience for many. Most weeks we have 4 to 6 volunteers and we have shared the community house with them 
  • Sacred Site Designation – The Kogi Mamos (Shamans) of Northern Columbia have visited Finca Sagrada five times. After being invited by the Kogi, Susan and Walter built the first replica of a Kogi “spirit house” in the world. This is a great honor. 
  • Eternal Flame – Walter and Susan have lovingly tended the sacred fire in the spirit house for five years.  
  • Land Management – In addition to the biodynamic farm that Walter has lovingly created, Finca Sagrada manages the land so that its beauty and sacredness is preserved. 
  • Indigenous Connections – Through involvement in local projects, Walter and Susan have created a strong connection to the local indigenous people, the Palta. 
  • Biodynamic Farming Education – Walter has hosted workshops on Biodynamic Farming that have attracted worldwide participants. 
  • Local Impact – Walter has launched, supported and sustained a local community garden project for women to create a self-sufficient village, providing an example that can be replicated in other communities. 
  • Reforestation Projects – Walter and Susan have supported a tree planting project on Finca Sagrada. So far, $48,000 has been raised and 18,000 trees have been planted to date, which is receiving worldwide interest.
  • Sovereign Watershed Initiative – With other members of the community, Walter and Susan are collaborating on a project to preserve the Upper Catamayo River Watershed as a regenerative, sovereign bioregion.

Several years ago, Walter and Susan had considered selling the farm for health reasons, however, due to the sacred nature of the land, the Kogi told them “this land is not for sale.” 

To preserve the site for future generations, they are placing the land into an LLC and are seeking partners to share in the ownership structure.

In addition to your financial contributions, please contact Walter to explore how you can participate in the future of Finca Sagrada. 

If you want to make a tax deductible gift, please get in touch with Walter at

Please help them keep the eternal flame burning. Donate today.